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The Latest from my journal

A memory came up the other day from this incredibly life changing trip. So, I sat down at my computer and revisited these photos that hold so much meaning to me. I was given the opportunity to photograph the volunteer efforts of Aldea Maya, a non-profit that hosts volunteer trips to Guatemala. These trips are […]


Have you ever wondered why some photos have that magic touch that can stop you dead in your tracks?! Well, there are actually quite a few elements that can make or break a shot. Whether you are pursuing a career in photography or just enjoy taking photos of your life, here’s a few tips that […]


You’re Not Just a Photographer – I think it’s easy to assume that a career as a photographer might be pretty simple. It seems like they are always on vacation, they can work from home, they are always on Instagram. I mean, how hard can it be to point and shoot a camera right?! 😉 […]


1. Word Swag – Free It seems only right to start off with the app that I use multiple times a week! Have you ever wondered how I’m able to post all these graphics with fun fonts?! Look no further. Word Swag allows you to turn your words into beautiful text photo designs. This has […]


Hi guys!! SO I’ve been wanting to add on an educational section onto my website for awhile now and I feel like NOW is the perfect time to do it. Time and time again, I’ve been asked various questions on different aspects of my photography – so why not put it all in one place for […]