5 Tips to Make Your Photos Stand Out

Have you ever wondered why some photos have that magic touch that can stop you dead in your tracks?! Well, there are actually quite a few elements that can make or break a shot. Whether you are pursuing a career in photography or just enjoy taking photos of your life, here’s a few tips that will take your photos from good to WOW worthy. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Composition is key – did you know there are 19 different basic composition techniques?! These rules were created based on how humans appreciate an image, how the human eye works and how the brain reacts to an image. Some of my go-to’s are rule of thirds, framing, leading lines… just to name a few. Become familiar with these techniques to be able to incorporate them in your images. The magic happens when you combine more than one in a photo.


2. Lighting – holy smokes!! This one is crucial. I always prefer working with natural light but you really never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at ya. It’s important to practice in all types of lighting so you can be prepared for whatever scenario you are in. Play around with the light at all times of the day to add in unique elements like sun flares, shadow play + direct light to catch the viewers eye!


3. Slow down – it’s sooo easy to get caught in the moment that you may be missing a spectacular shot happening right in front of you. Something that has helped me a ton is to take a step back, put my camera down and access the scene in front of me. Some of my best work has come when I’ve taken a breath + really thought about how I wanted to capture that image.


4. Perspective – any time I am photographing something, I try to get at least three different angles/perspectives of what is happening in front of me. Walk around the subject completely to see what you could be missing. Get in real close, take a step far back, shoot through another object. These are so many ways to look at something!


5. Practice makes perfect – practice, practice, practice! I can’t tell you enough how many times I’ve envisioned something in my head and not had it come out the way I wanted it to. Over time, I’ve practiced these fundamental techniques to be able to manipulate the shot in the way I want it to. It’s true that some spectacular shots can be captured based purely on luck. But with the right techniques in mind, you’ll nail it every time!



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