5 Mobile Apps Every Photographer Should Have

1. Word Swag – Free

It seems only right to start off with the app that I use multiple times a week! Have you ever wondered how I’m able to post all these graphics with fun fonts?! Look no further. Word Swag allows you to turn your words into beautiful text photo designs. This has been a game changer for me when I want to spice up my Instagram stories + stand out!


2. UNUM – Free

This is another app that I use ALL. THE. TIME. Since about 90% of my business comes from Instagram, I’ve learned the importance of having a consistent looking feed as well as consistently posting. Planning this out in advance used to be extremely time consuming before I had this app, but now it’s a breeze! With UNUM, I’m able to lay out my photos for the next week or two with captions. The best part is that I can set my posts up on a timed schedule, so I’m not forgetting or wasting precious time doing this each day.


3. Sun Seeker – One Time $10 Fee

Sun Seeker takes out all of the guessing on sun set time + let’s you know where exactly the sun will be at, at all times. I’m not always able to scout out all of my locations before hand, so this app does it for me! I use this every time I schedule a shoot as well as on the day of shoots since I am always working around the sun’s positioning. I don’t know what I’d do without this one.


4. Hopper – Free

Alright all you traveling people! This one’s for you. I discovered this app a few months ago and seriously don’t know how I went without it for so long. Hopper takes all of the guesswork out of travel planning by providing information on when exactly to purchase your flights and accommodations. It searches through every airline to give you the best airline pricing. It will even tell you if you should wait to book, when the price will go up/down and sends you alerts when you should buy now! I’ve already saved a good chunk of money on travel by using this.


5. EverNote – Free or $10/Month Subscription

If you’re an avid notetaker like me (hollla at you virgos!), EverNote is a MUST. You are able to categorize your notes into certain notebooks to keep yourself organized. It also includes different templates like a weekly to-do list, social media calendar, etc. that you are able to fill out. I use this one all the time to keep all of my thoughts in one place + then I sync it across all of my devices so my notes are always accessible!


What are your favorite mobile apps to use for photography or business?!

Comment your favorites below.


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  1. Logan says:

    I love canva and plann they’re very similar to the ones you shared! But they’re great!!